Zain began with three times mo

Zain began with three times more money than Max. After Zain gave Max $18, Zain still had $6 more than Max. How much money do they have altogether?

2. Sony has been producing 1710VR headsets a day through two work shifts. The second shift has produced 90fewer headsets than seven fifths of the number of headsets produced by the first shift. What is the number of VR headsets produced by the second shift in a day

4. Barb has a hot dog stand near the ferry terminal for Centre Island. She pays $500 per month as rent and $3000 per month in wages for the hired help. Variable costs per hot dog come out to be $1.30 and she sells each hot dog for $3.00. In summer months, she is able to sell 4500 hot dogs in a month. Recently, another hot dog vendor opened his stand across the street. To attract and retain her customers, she added a free soda can which increased her variable costs by 20 cents. To make things worse, the rent was also increased by 15%. What is the change in her monthly net income due to these recent changes. Assume that the monthly sale figures remain at4500 units.

5.. Two obligations of $835 each, due 90 days ago and 35 days ago respectively, are to be settled by two equal payments to be made today and 65 days from now respectively. If interest allowed is 8.75% and the agreed focal date is today, what is the size of the equal payments?

6.. A loan of $8000.00 taken out two years ago is to be repaid by three equal installments due now, three years from now, and six years from now respectively. What is the size of the equal installments if interest on the debt is 7.32% p.a. compounded monthly?


7. Yankee Construction agreed to lease payments of $762.79 on construction equipment to be made at the endof each month for six years. Financing is at 15% compounded monthly.a) What is the value of the original lease contract?b) If, due to delays, the first eight payments were deferred, how much money would be needed after nine months to bring the lease payments up to date?c) How much money would be required to pay off the lease after nine months?

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