you’ve just turned 30 years ol

you’ve just turned 30 years old have just received your NBA and have excepted your first job now you must decide how much money to put into your retirement plan the plan works as follows every dollar and the plan earns 9% per year you cannot make withdrawals until you retire on your 60th birthday after that point you can make with drawls as you see fit you decide that you plan to live to 100 and work until you turn 60 you estimate to live comfortably in retirement you will need 98,000 per year starting at the end of the first year of retirement and ending on your 100th birthday you will contribute the same amount to the plan of the end of every year that you work how much money do you need into each year to find your retirement?

– the value of the annuity is ____ round to the nearest dollar
– the annual deposit is ____ round to nearest dollar

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