You are required to write a 1-2 page article review (worth up to 15 points) on your assigned topic by thoroughly answering each of the provided questions. its going to be 3 article on the same topic each one had to be 1 page

I don’t know how to handle this Nutrition question and need guidance.

  1. Article Reference in APA format
  2. What kind of study is this?
  3. What was the general purpose of the study?
  4. What questions does it raise?
  5. How does answering the research question(s) add something new to what is already known?
  6. If the study is a replication, why is that important?
  7. Who or what was studied (provide as much detail as possible)?
  8. In sequential order, what were the major steps in performing the study?
  9. What data were recorded and used for analysis?
  10. What kinds of data analysis was used?
  11. What were the results?
  12. What does the author conclude?
  13. What cautions does the author raise about interpreting the study?
  14. What do you think important reservations are?
  15. What particularly interesting or valuable things did you learn from reading the report?

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