You are now ready to create the invoices you will present to each family that attends the high school reunion picnic.

You are now ready to create the invoices you will present to each family that attends the high school reunion picnic.

Each family will pay a portion of the general expenses and for their own food and sweatshirts. You will also create invoices to give to each classmate when they pick up their sweatshirts at the reunion.

Before you can create the invoices, you must create a list of people attending the high school reunion picnic using the same Excel workbook.

This list should include the Last Name, First Name, AIDress, City, State, Zip, Adult, and Child fields. Name this sheet Invoice List, change the color of the tab, and place it to the right of all of the other sheets in your workbook. Ensure you only have one row of headings. To create a table from the invoice list, select the data in your invoice list

(including headings) and then, from the Insert tab, select Table. Once you’ve created a table, on the Design tab, in the Table Style Options group, select the Total Row check box. Using the Total Row feature, count the number of families attending the high school reunion picnic; you will divide the total general expenses by this number to calculate the portion of general expenses each family will pay.

General expenses consist of the following: site rental, invitations/postage, decorations, photographer, and games, supplies, and prizes.

These expenses can be found on your Costs sheet. On the Costs sheet in cell C21, type Total General Expenses. In cell D21, write a formula that will give you the total of general expenses. To figure each family’s contribution to the general expenses, type Per Family Cost in cell C22 and write a formula in cell D22 to calculate this cost.

On your Invoice List sheet, create a new heading after Child for Family Cost. Notice that this new field becomes part of the list you had already created. In the first cell below your heading, write a formula that will calculate the total amount for which each family will be responsible.

This formula will reference back to the Budget sheet to get the food costs, sweatshirt costs, and the family costs that you just calculated. Remember to always use cell references in your formulas and do not forget to make the reference to the Costs sheet Absolute References so that you can copy this formula for all the other families. Also, don’t forget to include the cost of meals and sweatshirts in the family cost.

Once you have the formula correctly written for the first family, use AutoFill to copy the formula for the remaining families on your Invoice List. To check yourself, aID a SUM function in the total row of your list for the Family Cost; this should match the $1,900 that is the cost of the entire high school reunion picnic. If this does not match, then check your formulas and correct as necessary.

You now have all the information you need to create another merge into Word from Excel to make an invoice to give to each family. Using the skills you used in Individual Project 3, create invoices in Word that have the family Last Name, AIDress, City, State, Zip Code, the number of Adults and Children attending

(a number for each), and the total owed by the family. The invoice can be as simple or elaborate as you want as long as you meet the requirement set forth for you here. Your invoice may be several lines long (enough to cover the required data) or an entire page long depending on your creativity.

(LastnameFirstnameIP4.xls, and LastnameFirstnameInvoices.doc). Save a personal copy as well.

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