WTBCSD Chapter 1 Summary – Week 3 DB 1

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For your section, compose a summary that is one paragraph in length. Provide an overview of the main idea and key details of your part(s). Your summary should be about 6-9 sentences in length. Use academic writing (e.g. no contractions or slang) that is well-edited (e.g. free from capitalization errors, no missing words or misspellings, etc.)


  1. Untitled introduction section (1-5) and “Genius Identified” (27-31)
  2. “Who We Studied and Why” (5-11)
  3. “Integrating Your Abilities and Finding Your Passion” (11-21)
  4. “Growing the Creative Life” (21-25) and “Opening a New World” (25-27)

Be sure to title your post with the name of your section.

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