Wrongdoing in the Workplace

In the previous assessments, you examined the evolution of employment
law and the changing rules in the workplace. You considered the rules
of the employee-employer relationship and the related laws. This
assessment looks at the core issues related to employment law in the
workplace today and how they might be changing the way we work.

It certainly seems that there is a lot of wrongdoing in the
workplace. In this assessment, you will move away from the common
understanding of discrimination and move toward a legal grounding in
what constitutes wrongdoing. Of particular interest are the current hot
issues in the workplace that we read about every day.

Ethics Violations

Ethics violations put executives on the front pages of newspapers,
in the courtrooms, and sometimes in jail cells. However, to examine
ethics violations without considering human resources policy issues
would be a mistake. This assessment tests your ability to put these
issues in a broader context and look at the employment relationship that
was established on the date of hire and the communication and
accountability that occurred during the employment period. The
Department of Labor is very explicit about defining accountability and
continues to broaden the definitions over time. It is reasonable for
companies to claim that employees, especially managers, are responsible
for their actions and words with staff, even outside of the workplace.


Creating a policy and placing it in a binder or on a Web site is not
enough to absolve companies of individuals’ wrongdoings. Moreover,
identifying the wrongdoing by terminating individuals is not enough.
Over the years, legislation has aimed to punish corporations financially
when their employees have committed misdeeds. It is hoped that with the
law getting stronger, behavior and working interactions are getting

Use the Capella library and the Internet to research an event that,
in your opinion, has had the largest impact on the workplace today.

Then, write a 1–2 page summary that reflects the importance of this event. In this summary:

  • Identify an event that greatly impacted today’s workplace.
  • Describe why you believe the event you chose is significant.
  • Discuss the event’s relation to current trends.
  • Relate the event to a personal experience. This can be the experience of a friend, coworker, relative, or yourself
  • https://media.capella.edu/CourseMedia/bus-fpx4044e….Sexual Discrimination and Workplace Litigation.
  • Print
    • Walsh, D. J. (2019). Employment law for human resource practice (6th ed.). Cengage. Available in the courseroom via the VitalSource Bookshelf link.
      • Chapter 3, “Overview of Employment Discrimination.”
      • Chapter 7, “Hiring and Promotion Decisions.”
      • Chapter 8, “Harassment.”

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