written assignment 106

Instructions: You are working in a law office. The law firm has a client “[INSERT NAME] AUTOWORKS”

located in Los Angeles, CA who sells exotic expensive automobiles from their small showroom. The Senior Law
Partner asks you to Prepare a contract for the sale, purchase and import of exotic expensive automobiles for the
client. The seller broker/importer is “[INSERT NAME] GLOBAL X”.

Use your imagination based on what you would envision as your own exotic expensive dream cars, applying your knowledge of business, law and contracts. Use and insert the name of the street on which you grew up to create the name of the buyer (your client the buyer’s name). Use and insert the name of your favorite mythological character to create the name of the seller (the foreign entity seller’s name). Determine which type of business entities the parties are.

Be sure to include ALL the relevant necessary contract provisions drafting the contract. The contract must include all of the following clauses, as set forth, and in order, as follows:
I. Introduction: In the introductory paragraph set forth the names of the parties to the written contract –
buyer(s) and seller(s), and also identify:
a. State parties’ names and types of business entity – whether a business organization or individuals?
b. For each business entity, identify what type? (Partnership, LLC, Corporation, Limited Partnership,
Limited Liability Partnership, Sole Proprietor, etc.)
c. State the name(s) of person(s) signing on behalf of the business(es)
d. State the signer’s official title for the company (Managing Partner, Managing Member, President,
CEO, Sole-Owner, etc.)
II. The specific terms of the sale including the following contract clause provisions:
1. Description of the product(s) including
quantity, unit price(s) and total
2. Amount of the down payment
3. Allocation of costs
4. Method of delivery
5. Time for performance (delivery)
6. Insurance
7. Risk of loss
8. Warranties
9. Disclaimers
10. Limitations on liability
11. Liquidated damages
12. Time and the method of the final
13. Taxes
14. Interest
15. Late fees
16. Choice of governing law
17. Forum selection
18. Venue selection
19. Mediation and/or arbitration provisions
20. Statement that contract constitutes entire
agreement (Integration clause)
21. Severability of individual provisions
22. Time is of the essence
23. Force Majeure (Act of God)
24. Signatures blocks of authorized
signatories with names typed in

Format: Your assignment should be typewritten and printed on paper (stapled together if more than one page)
to be turned in with your name and class section number printed at the top of the first page. Use the SAMPLES
sets of contracts and clause provisions (Word document) attached with this assignment, or you may perform
internet searches to find the correct clauses and compose the contract.

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