Writing (Read instructions)

Kindly please read the instructions below and follow them accordingly.

2500 words about:

  • Identification of a clear, justified and substantial area of innovation currently under early stage development.Determination and justification of one identified innovation. The identified innovation must be one that is at the early stages of design and development and therefore not yet launched into the organization’s market place.) (30%)
  • A critical analysis and evaluation of potential external challenges which could impact at thedesign, development and implementation stages of the identified innovation and management’s response to managing identified potential challenges emergent at each of these stages.(A detailed analysis and evaluation of potential external challenges from several sources, which could influence progression of the identified innovation through the innovation process stages and eventual implementation is required. Focus also needs to be applied to managements’ role in the overall innovation process as well as the impact of potential management style). (30%)
  • An evaluation of performance improvement measures considered appropriate at each stage of the business’s innovation process to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your business’s innovation process and the impact on longer-term success of the innovation.(Identification and critical assessment of performance management is required as it relates to management of the innovation process. Factors of efficiency and effectiveness need to be considered when considering organization performance improvement during progression of the identified innovation through the various stages of the innovation process.) (30%)
  • Each area has equal weighting of 30% with 10% allocated for the presentation quality and the academic theory and underpinning (please see specific guidance and specific marking criteria on the next page for more detailed guidance). The quality of your presentation will include:content, clarification and relevancy of slides, Application of two business models to support analysis, appropriate visuals to enhance your overall presentation and justifications and the use of academic underpinning of related theory to your organizational case study using APA format referencing. (10%)

    and use the reference the instruction mentioned.

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