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Can you help me understand this Communications question?

please paraphrase the paragraph below and use t he link below to get more information :-

The video is called “The Eye of the Storm” and a link to it is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gi2T0ZdKVc

1. The eye color experiment affected the children’s self perception and performance for the worse. How this happened, was that the teacher told her students that blue eye people were better, smarter, and cleaner than brown eye people. This made the blue eye’s selfesteem high, because they felt superior to the brown eye students. The blue eye students felt like kings and that they control the brown eye students, getting their self-concept high as well, because they truly believed they were better than the brown eye kids. The brown eye children’s hold the idea that the blue eye kids were better than them, because they had certain privileges that they didn’t, like having extra time in recess and sitting in the front. The brown eye children self-esteem was low and their, they didn’t want to play or do anything.

2. The brown eye children establish themselves as lesser than the blue eye children when their teacher asked them “What does it mean to have brown eyes?” and the brown eye students answered, “We’re stupid”. The brown eye kids believe this was true because of how the teacher and the blue eye kids treated them. This also happened with the blue eye kids and how they view themselves much better than the brown eye people, because of what the teacher had told them. When the teacher asked them a question, “Who gets to go to lunch first?” and the blue eye kids would response that they would go to lunch first.

3. One example from the documentary of a inferior social comparison is when the teacher used of an example a blue eye student who wasn’t sitting down properly on his desk in comparison with a brown eye student who was sitting properly. The teacher said blue eye people couldn’t sit down properly and how it was such a shame, because brown eye people could do it. This caused the blue eye student to sit up straight in his chair. An example of a superior social comparison is when the teacher had mentioned that blue eye people were smarter than brown eye people and the brown eye students started saying they were stupid, because they saw the blue eye kids as smarter than them.

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