Writing a Rhetorically Appropriate After-Interview Email

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Writing a Rhetorically Appropriate After-Interview Email. Due by the end of Week 5. Prior to completing this assignment, be sure to complete your Job or Grad Packet.

You learned a lot about writing appropriate emails at the beginning of the semester, so now it’s time to show that you recall the “big ideas.”

For this assignment, you will write a thank you email to someone who just interviewed you. For the sake of this assignment, just assume you interviewed for the job or graduate program that the rest of your materials are geared toward.

Create a fake interviewer whom you will address, thank them for their time, and give one last reminder about why you are someone they would want. This email is incredibly short – we’re talking a maximum of about four sentences. Be polite, be brief, and be gone.

Format the assignment like a real email, with a Subject and Main text. Single-space it (as email programs rarely double-space).

Treat this realistically. I want to see each of you showing you have the tools to leave a lasting impression after you’ve interviewed for a job or position in a grad program.

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