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A 2000 words essay. The question is “Does globalization lead to development?”

The topic is: Globalization lead to development.

Need at least 8 references form the reading list I posted.

Need at least three claim and evidences to support the topic.

This is my outline that you could refer or ignore:

As an inevitable process of human development, internationalization promotes the global connection. With the increasing impact of globalization on human society, since the early 1990s, it has gradually attracted the attention of people and governments of all countries, and many disputes about internationalization have also emerged. One of the most difficult to ignore is whether internationalization can bring about development? Next, this paper is to prove that internationalization brings development.

The definition of Globalization

Globalization has had a lot of positive effects on the development of the world. (The opening of the new shipping route has had a significant impact on world history. It expanded the trade and exchanges between Eurasia and Africa, broke the closed state of isolation between the continents of the world, and made the world move from a relatively dispersed and isolated country. An interconnected whole: it also promoted the decline of the feudal system.)

Globalization has contributed to the development of many countries.

Globalization has brought many aspects of development to people’s life.

Globalization is of great significance to the development of a country or the world. Because it not only breaks the previously closed and isolated state of all continents in the world, but also provides opportunities and benefits in different aspects to developed countries, developing countries and backward countries; and constantly tells the development of globalization makes people exchange more efficient and unimpeded, and makes the culture of each country further spread and carry forward.

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