write a primary source analysis about the assassination of president jfk 1963

You are to write a 2-3 page paper about the primary source document (12 point font, double spaced).

Divide your analysis in the following 3 sections (use section headings):

1)Summary – make sure your summary is focused on the primary source only and not the introduction. Your assigned writing is on the quoted (eyewitness) section only

2. Analyze its validity. Is this a reliable historical source – explain your answer. [Noting that this is a primary source is not an appropriate response, since all of the eyewitness assignments are primary sources]. You are to determine if this is a good and reliable primary source. Ask yourself: can we believe this material in this source, is the writer reliable, could he/she have an agenda, could he/she be biased…

3. For your third section answer one of the following questions:

a. What was the effect of this event? [Effect]

b. If this event had not happened, what would be different? [Difference]

http://eyewitnesstohistory.com/jfk.htm is the link of the primary source document

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