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Choose a topic from the assigned chapters that sparks your interest AND has not yet been discussed by another student. Supplement your understanding of that topic by reviewing primary authority and secondary scholarly sources from the FNU Library and LexisNexis/lawschool. Limit your research to articles published in scholarly / academic journals (FNU’s ProQuest Criminal Justice Database), law review articles (LexisNexis/lawschool: secondary sources), and criminal cases from your home state (LexisNexis/lawschool: state cases).


Once you have a thorough understanding of the topic, develop an instructional presentation for your fellow classmates. The content you discuss, your creativity, the use of instructional tools, including the use of supplemental scholarly material, a discussion of current events related to your topic, and the overall presentation will not only benefit your classmates, it will set the bar for your grade. In other words, you are in total control. Conclude your post with a question to measure students’ mastery of your topic. The question must require students to think critically, well beyond the content of your lesson. For example:

  • Your post provides a discussion broadly explaining negligence.
  • A critical thinking question would require application and specificity: You own a market and a customer falls, hurting his back. The floor was wet. Are you legal liable? Explain any liability and defenses that might apply.

Additionally write a POST :

Open format. You may opt to draft a post explaining a topic that was not covered or contribute further substance to an ongoing discussion. Questions posted by the instructor can be responded to as your third post. You may also contribute to the discussion by providing a respectful review of a student’s lesson so that he/she can improve in ways that had not been considered. Regardless of what you choose to discuss in Post 3, it must be substantive and instructional. The goal is to stimulate the teaching and learning process, while enhancing communication skills.

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