write a formal legal brief on a cybersecurity case

write a formal legal brief on a cybersecurity case For this assignment you will write a formal legal brief on a cybersecurity case, United States v. Nosal, which is availabe under the Student Resources link, in the Week 3 folder. You may find it helpful to use your textbook, the Internet and/or the APUS Library for additional information about the case or the criminal charges.write a formal legal brief on a cybersecurity case

The case brief has to follow the IRAC method (please go to the following web site for help with IRAC Format http://www.lawnerds.com/guide/irac.html), made up of the following.

FACTS (including who were the petitioner(s) and respondent(s); who delivered the opinion of the Court; and a brief background of the case): ISSUE: (The problem of law) RULE: (The court’s resolution of the problem of law) ANALYSIS: CONCLUSION: Your brief should be double spaced and not exceed 4 pages in length. For the most part the content of the brief should be in your own words. You should paraphrase and simplify the words of the court in the full court opinion to concise wording in your brief. At times, you may want to use the exact wording from the court opinion. In these circumstances, please be sure to use quotation marks and proper Blue Book citation. Make sure you cite legal materials used in Blue Book format. Refer to the Resources for more information on Blue Book citation. Please upload in the Assignments section. Good Luck!

Grading Rubric

Facts (Identification, including petitioners, who issued ruling, necessary and appropriate background information): 20/20; Issue: 15/15; Rule/holding: 15/15. Analysis: 40/40; Conclusion: 10/10.

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