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Basic Requirements:

  • Final submission due date: ______________
  • Format: MLA (see formatting directions on Canvas / Modules / Useful handouts)
  • Minimum Required Length: 15-20 MLA formatted pages
  • Include an MLA formatted essay and list of works cited for all of the sources cited in your essay to Canvas.

Directions: Propose your argument for the benefits of adopting your definition of the good life. In Essay 1, you explore various definitions for the good life in what should have concluded with your thesis. That was using inductive reasoning. You also used stipulative and ostensive definitions.

In Essay 2, you assert your definition of the good life. This is using deduction.

In Essay 3, you explore what conditions need to be present to manifest the good life. A causal relationship can be complicated and requires careful critical thinking.

In Essay 4, you explore what others would say about your definition and analysis of the good life. In particular, you should address the viewpoints of the opposition to your argument. Structure the paper with the Rogerian approach.

You will combine all four of these parts of your argument into one paper. Then you will add two more sections. After your first four sections from our essays, you will explain the process by which one can achieve your definition of the good life. Additionally, you will contribute a discussion of the benefits for adopting your definition of the good life. In all, you will connect all six parts of the argument.

Develop a thorough explanation of the exigence in the beginning of your paper. Establish why it is worth analyzing what the good life is and how to achieve it. Suggest who is your target audience and what is your intended purpose. Conclude the introduction with your thesis.

With your word choice and your paper’s content, suggest who is your target audience and with what attitude you will address them; however, avoid using plural first person—“we”, “us, “our”—and second person—“you” and “your”—not to be presumptuous about your audience’s beliefs. They may not share your same assumptions.

Making your assumptions and reasoning explicitly clear to your readers will strengthen your argument. Since your goal in persuasion is to convince the audience that your point is valid, they need to understand how you came to your conclusions for why this problem occurs. Also consider when granting merits to the opposing viewpoint may strengthen your argument—think of your audience and purpose.

Conclude the essay with a closing technique and a final take-away on why your definition of the good life is valid.

Use your previously completed research and class readings as supporting evidence. Also, do more research in the library databases and from credible Web sites to find evidence to support your argument. In total for the Term Paper, you should have about 7 to 10 sources. Also look for important evidence in Pink’s book Drive. Evidence are facts, statistics, expert’s opinions, and empirical examples. Distinguish when you should summarize, paraphrase, or quote the data from the source. Use your research to back up but not overtake your explanation of each problem.

Cite your sources in your essay and develop a works cited page as your paper’s last page using MLA source documentation format. Introduce each source with a full TAG and credentials. Cite pages for print sources. (Database articles’ pages can be found in their PDF view.) See CTA Chapter 7 and OWL at Purdue Web site for the MLA documentation guide for citing sources—accuracy is crucial.

Consider your tone: use an objective tone; write for the public not for yourself. Also, avoid using second person, slang and colloquial expressions, contractions, and flat words so that your ideas are clear and understandable. Rely on your knowledge of vocabulary, and use a thesaurus to exercise definitions to fit the exact ideas that you try to convey.

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