World Literature final paper

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Choose one of the following prompts and write an essay response. Aim for about five hundred words.

1. Many of the works we have read this semester share similar themes (for example, a journey, or the quest for immortality, or the idea of spiritual reciprocity or Xenia, etc.) Choose a theme that you’ve noticed running through several of the works and explain what conclusions you draw from its expression in such diverse works and times.

2. Which of the works we’ve read this semester is the most personally important to you? What made it resonate? Did it challenge your thinking in any way or cause you to change your mind about something or help you see the world and your place in it in a different way? Do you think you’ll still care about it in five or ten years? Explain.

Books to choose from
The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Odyssey

The Inferno



The Thousand and One Nights

Chaucer, The Wyfof Bath’s Prologue and Tale

Machivelli, The Prince

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