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Surveys are a great way to understand your audience and complete the research for your upcoming informative speech. For this discussion, identify a topic or issue for your upcoming informative speech, post the following questions for your classmates, and collect their responses.

My informative speech topic is: (select a topic and describe briefly)

  • What do you think about the topic?
  • What do you know about the topic?
  • What would you like to know about the topic?

*** After you collect and review your classmates’ answers, explain how will use the information to develop your upcoming informative speech.

*** Respond to two classmates to agree, disagree, or just elaborate on their ideas and questions.


eng- week 5

In the discussion board, introduce the story you are going to write your first paper on, the literary concept you are going to use (in addition to round character), and state your provisional thesis. Also, sketch out a body paragraph by stating a topic sentence which connects to your theses, citing a quote that backs up your topic sentence, and adding a commentary that develops your thesis.

  • Concepts to define and apply

    Thesis Statement: “For most writing tasks, your introduction will be a paragraph of 50 to 100 words. Perhaps the most common strategy is to open the paragraph with a few sentences that engage the reader and to conclude it with a statement of the essay’s main point. In the following example the thesis has been italicized”: Credit card companies love to extend credit to college students, especially those just out of high school. Ads for credit cards line campus bulletin boards, flash across commercial Web sites for students, and get stuffed into shopping bags at college bookstores. Why do the companies market their product so vigorously to a population that lacks a substantial credit history and often has no steady source of income? The answer is that significant profits can be earned through high interest rates and assorted penalties and fees. By granting college students liberal lending arrangements, credit card companies often hook them on a cycle of spending that can ultimately lead to financial ruin. Topic Sentence: “As a rule, state the main point of a paragraph in a topic sentence — a one-sentence summary that tells readers what to expect as they read on. Usually the topic sentence comes first. In the following paragraph the topic has been italicized”: Nearly all living creatures manage some form of communication. The dance patterns of bees in their hive help to point the way to distant flower fields or announce successful foraging. Male stickleback fish regularly swim upside-down to indicate outrage in a courtship contest. Male deer and lemurs mark territorial ownership by rubbing their own body secretions on boundary stones or trees. Everyone has seen a frightened dog put his tail between his legs and run in panic. We, too, use gestures, expressions, postures, and movement to give our words point.”Sentences that do not support the topic sentence destroy the unity of a paragraph. If the paragraph is otherwise well focused, such offending sentences can simply be deleted or perhaps moved elsewhere.” From A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker

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