WK2 VoiceThread – Personal Critical Incident Paper – Part A – Ideas Brainstorm – Instructions

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The purpose of this assignment is to help you identify aspects of your own ethnic identity and to articulate how your own personal culture may impact social work practice with Hispanic and Latino clients.


Ethnic identity, an aspect of our self-concept, may be viewed as how we classify ourselves in terms of the group(s) we belong to and who we see ourselves similar to in terms of cultural groups. This involves an internalization of the understanding of “Who Am I” in terms of ethnicity.


Identify and explore a pivotal incident in your own life that contributed to your own ethnic identity development.

Part A – Ideas Brainstorm

For this part of the assignment, you will identify and clarify your ideas about an incident that would be appropriate to discuss in the paper.

Share your initial ideas about a critical incident in your own ethnic identity development via a VoiceThread video post. Only share details of the incident you are comfortable sharing. The paper will explore the incident in more detail. The sharing of ideas will stimulate new ideas and help refine ideas.

Respond to your peers (via VoiceThread video comment) with constructive feedback, new ideas, and suggestions that may come from your experience and/or background.

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