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Week 6: Discussion Prompt

Our ideas on how to go about accomplishing certain goals will often differ from person to person, sometimes those ideas will differ widely. In this week’s reading we have two proposals to solve two very different problems. While these proposals make sense to some they are very controversial, or even morally wrong, to others. We often have different ideas or understandings about certain topics, but one of the ways that we move towards finding the best solution, or a compromise, is by getting those ideas out in the open where they can start a dialogue about the idea being presented. To start our dialogue this week read both of these articles in either your textbook or by clicking the following links:

Arming Teachers: A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea by M.D. Anderson

https://borderlessnewsandviews.com/2013/01/09/arming-teachers-a-terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-idea/ (Links to an external site.)

Will Big Business Save the Earth? by Jared Diamond

https://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/06/opinion/06diamond.html (Links to an external site.)

After you have read both articles choose only one to complete the following prompt for your Week 6 posting.


Each of these articles present a viewpoint from the opposite side of the political spectrum, however the topics are of a very different subject matter. Respond to one article only and explain whether or not you agree or disagree with the main point, or argument, that is presented by the author. Include at least one direct quote to support your claim and explain your position in detail. Use your logic and reasoning to present your case as to why the author is either spot on or totally wrong.

If you would like to agree with part of what the author says but disagree with another part use one quote for each part that you are discussing and explain your reasoning in full detail. Do not “ride the fence.” Do no stay neutral in this discussion. You either agree, or disagree, with the author’s overall position. Present your position on this matter and discuss and defend your perspective respectfully.

You will also need to respond to at least two classmate’s initial postings.


I personally believe the same thing that the article says is not a good idea to arm the teachers. There is no need for that because in that case it would be a better idea to hire the services of the police directly. If the services of the police are hired, the schools will always have professional people protecting our students from any crazy madman. We are supposed to pay taxis to have services in the community that give us some security in case of emergencies. Instead of arming the teachers, it would be better to have professional people who have studied their careers and have had training in that dangerous field. I think that to be a police and have the courage to bring a weapon and be emotionally prepared, and mentally, in case of having to kill someone, it is necessary to have a mind and heart ready for the act. How is it possible that these people who came up with this idea of arming teachers think that it is a good idea that benefits our community.According to what the read article says “ I boldly deduce that the iron determination to kill another human being may not be programmed in someone who has just wiped a runny nose from a first grader or who has asked a class of children restless 8-year-olds to listen.” It is logical to think that a teacher is a teacher because they have qualities to cope with an ethic in their work environment. These qualities can be such as great patience, love, understanding, these are just a few but his students identify him as a leader where the student creates bonds of trust and not fear. If I went back to the past and was a student and my teachers brought weapons, I think that environment would completely change my mind. My mental and physical state would be on alert all the time like the prisoners. From the moment the bell rang to enter class until the bell rang to leave class. In conclusion what I have reached is that they do not have brain or simply everything is a disguise, it is about money, pure money and they only care about selling weapons.


Arming teachers is honestly a terrible idea. Teacher’s were not hired to carry guns on a school campus. From my experience, with teachers I’ve had in the past. I truly don’t even think they know how to properly use a firearm. And, having teachers or staff armed at schools would put others who aren’t arm (students) I’m danger. As, Anderson stated about teachers being armed. “They can’t. But they very well might get themselves killed or put bystanders in danger. In a classroom, that means someone’s child!” (Anderson). In my opinion, teachers were hired to protect students from danger by keeping them in the classroom. Not by playing super hero role and running out the classroom to help get a suspect. It would absolutely be unsafe for schools to have teachers armed.

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