Wizard Kim Homework




  1. **READ** the Outline of job File and please see picture below of op-ed order structure. PLAGIARISM FREE JOB.                                    

    2. **READ** op-ed handout PDF for more specific and required info of the op-ed.

3. Use the ProposalAnxiety file for info about the topic. That is the proposal ONLY, It CAN’T be copy/pasted from the proposal to the op-ed final document. Definitely you will need to use the proposal but it can’t be copy/paste to the op-ed, just use information.

4.Create a lede. Add a newspeg.

5. Find TWO points, or justifications with the evidence

6. It is important the end to appeal to values. 

7. Use as reference the op-eds examples. They are just for REFERENCE only, it can’t be exactly as them.



Length: Between 500-800 words (not including annotations)


Sources Links to get any additional information included

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