why Abstinence-only Sex Educa

this is a Debate topic where I must support the question “is abstinence-only sex education the appropriate approach to limiting teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases?” 2 pages 10pt font Times new roman Singal spaced and must be APA style

There are introductory articles by Jane Friedman and Marcia Clemmitt on Canvas that you should read, and you should read the chapter on evaluation research in the Babbie text. You are expected to do additional research. Grading CriteriaThe position paper will be worth 100 points. In order to get an “A” or “A-“ on a position paper, it must: 1) Be well written; 2) Two pages in length; 3) Use evidence and logical argumentation; 4) Be properly cited and formatted; 5) Have proper bibliographic format; 6) Involve the use of authoritative and diverse sources. There are a couple of ways you might go about writing your position paper. First, you could adopt the position of a particular organization or institution in the debate. For example, you could adopt the position of the former Bush Administration or elements of the religious community on the merits of abstinence-only programs. Alternatively, you could adopt the position of Advocates for Youth or the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the US. Second, you may choose to focus on one aspect of the debate about the most appropriate sex education programs and elaborate upon it fully in your position paper. You do not necessarily have to focus on every dimension of every problem associated with abstinence-only sex education programs. So, you could focus on the evidence, or lack thereof, regarding the effectiveness of abstinence-only programs and Virginity Pledges, in particular. Or, you could focus on public opinion regarding abstinence-only programs or experience with multi-dimensional sex education programs. You could also focus on the moral justifications for abstinence-only programs, the experience of other nations with sex education, or their cost, amongst other issues. Much of your research will probably be internet-based but you are encouraged to use other sources. Above all, you should use scholarly research articles. I want to see EVIDENCE-BASED arguments. Where evidence is lacking, I want to see logical argumentation.

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