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Where a=1.04Where s=1100The tapered stiffened beam below is loaded by forces as shown. The beam is assumed to consist of stiffeners carrying only direct stress and shear panels carrying only shear stress. The values of a and S are taken from Question 0 (a) Calculate and sketch the stiffener axial loads and the panel shear flows. (30%) (b) Size the beam by determining stiffener areas and shear panel thicknesses. (10%) For the stiffeners, size to yield stress (in tension or compression), considering the maximum load in each segment (i.e. each segment can have a different area). For the shear panels, size to yield stress (in shear, maximum in each panel) or shear buckling, whichever is critical. For the buckling calculation, assume that the shear panels are simply supported on all edges, and for the tapered panels use the smaller edge dimensions (i.e. assume a rectangular panel with the smaller of the width and height edge dimensions). When sizing, use a minimum possible area of 0.2 in2 and a minimum possible thickness of 0.0056 in. The material used has E 10500 ksi, G=4100 ksi, oly = 52 ksi, oey-42 ksi, ,-37 ksi dimensions S1 in inches 10 S2-10S lbf S3- 25S lbf 8a 2.5a 1.5a

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