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What sampling plan should reuse Why? e pode to dealers year Mode USA wants to know if the dealers are in the program and is their likes and dislikes out it. The carmaker does not want to survey all the city beca been built Plus, he kne side. This competitor Jet’s Pets Jer wa Two ZIP ?? so he mus ways of CASE 9.1 Peaceful Valley Subdivision: Trouble in Suburbia Located on the outskirts of a large city, the suburb of Peaceful Valley comprises approximately 6,000 upscale homes. The subdivision came about 10 years ago when a developer built an earthen dam on Peaceful River and cre- ated Peaceful Lake, a meandering 20-acre body of water lots in the back of the subdivision. Construction coste The lake became the centerpiece of the development, and timates range from $2.5 million to $3 million, depending the first 1.000 half-acre lots were sold as lakefront property, on the size of the facility. Currently, every Peaceful Val Now Peaceful Valley is fully developed with 50 streets, ley homeowner is billed $250 annually for maintenance all approximately the same length with about 120 houses security, and upkeep of the development About 75% on each street. Peaceful Valley’s residents are primarily residents pay this fee. To finance the proposed recreational young, professional, dual-income families with one or two school-age children facility, every Peaceful Valley household would be er pected to pay a one-time fee of $1,500, and annual fees subdivisio sample what, if a degree to of all far 1. Plac in the Peaceful Valley has not been living up to its name recent months. The Suburb Steering Committee has rocon mended that the community build a swimming pool, court, and meeting room facility on four adjoining van REVIEW QUESTIONARICATIONS 231 ing has had, and wareness (TOMA want is the ranking wesentative sample “name a non- at is named by core. It is impo nduct the TOMA the metropolitas under supervision 2. The chairperson of the suburb Steering Committee thinks the homeowners where we on the waterfront properties of Peaceful lewe the best ones to survey because they paid more for the lots, the houses are higer, and they tend to have lived in Peace ful Valley longer than other residents. If these homeowners are used for the sample, whatsample method would be involved, what are is pros and cons, and how representative a sample would result? 3. Assume that the Steering Committee chairperson’s point that the 1.000 Waterfront owners are not the same as the other 5.000 Peaceful Valley Subdivision homeowners is true. How should this fact be used to draw a representative sample of the entire subdivision? Identify the probability sampling method that is most appropriate, and indicate, step by step, how it should be applied here. 4. How would you select a simple random sample of those Peaceful Valley homeowners who paid their subdivision association dues last year? What, if any. sample bias might result from this approach? 5. How could a two-step cluster sample be used here? Identify this sample method and describe how it could be used to select a representative sample of Peaceful Valley households. d? or the recreational facility as a wonderful addition where ir children could leam to swim play tennis, or just hang The president of the Peaceful Valley Suburb Associa it has decided to conduct a survey to poll the opinions al preferences of Peaceful Valley homeowners regarding de swimming pool, tennis court, and meeting room facility coopt. Review the following possible sample methods Indicate your reactions and answers to the questions asso ciated with each possible method 1. There is only one street into and out of the subdivision. The president is thinking of paying his teenage daughter to stand at the stop light at the entrance to Peaceful Val. ley next week between the hours of 7:00 and 8:30 a.m. 10 hand out questionnaires to exiting drivers while they wait for the red light to change. The handouts would include addressed. postage-paid envelopes for returns. Identify what sample method the president would be res across the at each store to customer Each store mplaints that considering of monitor give to the at will tell sure that the new She sent several e the rest Othereational facility come from var For we the one time fee is unacceptable the notion of a recreational facility is not appeal Some have the pote to local tennis clubs, or otherwise have ale une fora w mom facility. Other Peaceful Valley homeowners executives

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