What is the thesis

Family Perspectives on Deceased Organ Donation: Thematic Synthesis of Qualitative Studies

1. Claim: What was the article’s main point? What’s the thesis?

The article’s main point is that one of the major barriers to accomplish the needs for organ transplantation in so many countries, including United States, UK and Australia, is that a consent by the family must be signed. A major barrier to meeting the needs for organ transplantation is family refusal to give consent.

2. Grounds: What kinds of evidence did the author use to support his/her argument? Provide an example.

Qualitative studies were used to support the argument, involving family members whose relatives had died. The author used a table to collect data using semi-structured interviews. In Hong Kong they used the Tong et al study. A convenience sampling strategy allowed to get information from the partners, parents, siblings and childs of the deceases.

3. Warrants: Did the author(s) successfully connect the evidence to the main point? How so?

Yes, the author was able to connect the evidence to the main point. He used a table with number of participants, method used, country, participant’s relationship, and consented or not consented. Another table included seven major perspective themes which were divided into sub themes.

4. Backing: How credible were the sources the author(s) applied? How does credulity affect your overall response?

The sources provided by the author were very credible. He listed percentages in the different countries and also the article is supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC) Grant DE120101710, which made made it more credible to me.

5. Qualifiers: I noticed absolutes like all and many when talking about the studies

6. Rebuttal: Most of the studies were based on brain death. My opinion was unchanged. I work in an Neuro ICU unit and I face that type of conflicts. As protocol we should notify the organ donation institution when the patient has a Glasgow of 5 or less.



Dejong, W. (1998 January 01) Requesting Organ donation: an Interview study of donor and nondonor family URL retrieved from https://aacnjournals.org/ajcconline/article-abstract/7/1/13/6276/Requesting-organ-donation-an-interview-study-of?redirectedFrom=fulltext

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