Weeks 9 and 10: Editing the Prospectus

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Your prospectus and other documents must reflect your best skills in writing and editing. Clarity, consistency, and focus in writing will help you progress through the doctoral capstone process.

No one else will do a line-by-line edit of your capstone other than yourself. While your committee members might point out an editorial error, it is your responsibility to correct the mistake and any others throughout the paper. In addition to clear, scholarly writing, you must consider whether or not your research plan meets the minimum quality standards in the EdD Prospectus Rubric as explained in the EdD Prospectus Guide. For a prospectus to meet minimum standards, each quality indicator must be “met.”

As you review and revise your prospectus, make sure to use the spellcheck feature in Word. Through the Walden Writing Center, you should also use Grammarly, the automated grammar and writing revision tool for academic writing.

Your citations, and all other elements in your documents, must be in APA style. If you need assistance with APA style, the Writing Center offers webinars, tutorials, and other resources.

To Prepare

Review the feedback you have received from your Instructor and make sure you have addressed the issues in your revised prospectus document.

To Complete

Make your final revisions of the prospectus document.

Please pay special attention to my Instructor’s comments and recommendations and revise accordingly. Thank

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