Week Five Discussion Questions

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Please answer each of the following questions with a minimum of 400 words and two references. Do not add a reference page, instead add the particular references after each particular question. (1) Evaluate the effectiveness of both team-based performance management and individual-based performance management. Suggest three pros and three cons of each type of management. Justify your response.

Next, choose three of the best practices for addressing the facets of team-based performance management. Recommend a strategy for your current or past organization to incorporate the identified practices. Provide a rationale for your response.

(2)In reference to policy outcomes and choice, discuss how you would defend hands-free cell phone usage while driving. Also contribute your initial research impressions on this topic by providing data from a state on safety/citation records. See Distracted Driving to assist in your research.

(3)How might the performance instrument for a position oriented toward routine duties differ from a managerial position?

(4)Discuss how the different CVP analysis tools (i.e. break-even analysis, target costing, etc.) can be useful to an organization in making operational decisions.

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