Week 7 Discussion Questions

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Answer each of the following questions with a minimum of 400 words and 2 references, please place the references used immediately following the question it pertains to. There is no need for a reference page

(1) Assume you are a candidate for director of communications for a major metropolitan city. The job will require you to communicate to the public about a host of public policy issues such as transportation, the environment, education, taxes, and economic development. Propose how written and oral communication should be used to ensure public policy analyses are promoted and accepted by the general public.

  • Can benefits alone attract candidates to want to work in the public sector? What qualities or job culture attributes would attract candidates?
  • (2) How do organizational theories that address individual and group behavior influence job analysis and classification themes?
  • (3) Choose one Counterproductive Work Behavior (CWB) from the abuse against others category and one from the production deviance category. Examine at least two possible causes of each CWB. Next, provide at least one example of the potential impact of each chosen CWB on an organization.

Using the two causes of each CWB you selected, suggest the course of action an employer could take to change the employees’ behaviors and to address the possible diagnosed contributors to those CWBs. Justify your response.

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