Week 6 – XYZ.net

I’m stuck on a Computer Science question and need an explanation.

ohn is the parent of a twelve-year old daughter named Erin. Erin, along with some friends at her school, joins a new social networking site called XYZ.net (a fictitious website). Erin enters her personal information on the website during registration but lies about her age claiming she is age sixteen. The social networking site has also gained unauthorized access to the computer network at Erin’s middle school to target more of Erin’s classmates to join the site and to obtain personal information. XYZ.net then sells the personal information to third parties who use the personal information for Internet-based advertising. Discuss which federal statutes XYZ.net has violated, and discuss what legal actions John can pursue. Explain the potential consequences for XYZ.net.

Provide a 1-page double spaced response.

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