Week 5 Gobal

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Week 5 DUE 10/10/2021

Here is the link for the Global Simulation. I recommend that you take a few moments to become familiar with the simulation content and the decision-making process. You have 5 attempts to complete the simulation, and your performance outcomes will be used to determine the number of points earned for the assignment (please see the rubric).

If you encounter any issues with the simulation, please contact me if you have trouble logging in.

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Username :kanishasmith89@gmail.com

Password: Class2021!

Review the following documents BEFORE beginning the simulation. These documents have all the information needed to be effective in conducting the simulation.

As part of the simulation, you will use the GSCM – Record Sheets (Years 1-4) to document or capture the decisions and Board feedback you received. These will be used in writing the paper in Week 6. The paper centers on your overall performance in the simulation as measured by (simulation will provide this data for you):

  • Gross Margin (dollars)
  • Gross Margin %
  • Total number of votes from board members

While the simulation is an individual learning experience, you may help one another in navigation mechanics. DO NOT make decisions for one another as this will make writing the paper in Week 6 very difficult at best. The instructor is able to view all “players” in their respective simulations.

Note: You are expected to keep records of your Operational Management strategies, decision sets, and the resulting outcomes. Keep notes of the strategies you used in the GSCM – Record Sheets (Years 1-4). Also, there is a link within the simulation that is identified as “Archive” which will give you access to your past sims, providing detailed information. This will be important for providing you the support for writing the paper and applying the principles of OSCM to support your strategies, outcomes, and decisions.

Simulation & Written Paper Rubric Week 6 DUE 10/13/2021

I will post Week 6 assignment to give you an idea of what is needed to take notes for the assignment

Using the Simulation & Written Paper Rubric listed below for the specific grading criteria, complete the following:

Develop a written paper that summarizes the case the Global Supply Chain Management simulation is based upon.

Also, address the following items:

State the Operation Management and Project Management strategy or strategies that you used at the beginning of the simulation.

Summarize the major decisions made and their resulting outcomes.

State the changes (if any) that were needed in strategy as the simulation progressed.

State the operational conditions and outcomes at the end of the simulation.

Reflect on this learning experience:

What lessons were learned?

What skills were gained?

What relevance will this be to you in your profession as a manager?

Note: Identify each of the above with Headings or Sub-headings in your paper per current APA guidelines. Length of the paper should be 8-10 pages, in addition to your
completed simulation worksheets. (You can download Google Documents for submission by selecting: File>Download>PDF or MS Word.)

Week 6 DUE 10/13/2021

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