Week 5 discussion

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There are various ways to enhance employee development and employee appraisal is one of them because with communication and feedback the associate will be self-aware. In example, a material handler at work who drives a forklift has the best attitude, he is cordial and is flexible, but there has been feedback indicating he is under performing in various areas such as filling the lines and wrapping pallets. Reviews are coming up, but this issue should be addressed, and it can help his increase in performance. The associate was provided with his annual review and provided the feedback about not filling the lines with product and not wrapping the indicated pallets for the day. The associate communicated he liked to be organized and took more time to that rather than his expected duties. The expectations were refreshed for him and he was provided with 30 minutes for organizing because that was one of his strengths that helped the company for inventory purposes. The associate has performed above his expectations from then on out. This is a perfect example of how effective an employee development appraisal can be.

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