Week 4 Paper 2 Multicultural Mental Health

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In this assignment, you will write a paper that is a hybrid of a) a traditional literature analysis, and b) a self-reflection.

3. An empirical research paper, on mental health in the particular culture that is covered in your chosen chapter (Hong Kong or Sri Lanka).

4. A source, from outside of the traditional empirical research literature.

–Find an empirical research article* that investigates the influence of culture on the mental disorder. For this search, you can use a paper cited in Eshun & Gurung (2009), or you can perform a literature search. Read the research paper, paying careful attention to the theoretical framework, the methods, the findings, and the implications. Think about the limitations of the empirical work.

–Find a non-research source of information on the culture and/or mental disorder. This source could be a book, a paper in the popular literature, an article outside of psychology/psychiatry, or even a web page/blog. Think about how this source adds to your personal understanding, in ways that would not be possible with traditional sources.

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