Week 3 Team Assignment – Cultural Analysis

Week 3 Team Assignment – Cultural Analysis

This analysis builds on the work done for your individual written assignment last week in researching the Hofstede cultural dimension for three countries.

For your team report, discuss what would be the ideal Hofstede cultural dimensions that would fit your client. Specifically discuss each of the four dimensions and explain how from a marketing or market demand perspective, it would be ideal if the particular dimension was high or low. For example, a company that mostly appeals to people wishing to achieve status (such as an expensive watch) might sell best to a country with a high masculinity score.

Go through each dimension explaining the ideal cultural dimension. Then try and find a country with score that fits your ideal, and explain how this would impact your marketing activities in that country. The country you select that fits a specific indicator, will likely not be the same country for all four indicators since it would be rare that one country shares the ‘ideal’ score for all four. (Note: the selection of these countries for this assignment is not related to the final three countries you will select for your international marketing report – that will be done through a foreign market matrix in weeks 4 and 5.)

The team report should be 3 pages.


Microsoft word 1 page, APA Format, Scholarly reviewed citations. Please read below all attached files. The Indicator i have chosen is Masculine VS. Feminine on the Topic UBER.

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