Week 2 Multigenerational Team

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Discussion 1

1- the ways that a company can utilize a multigenerational team to their advantage by utilizing all the traits, experience and knowledge of people from all four generation to complete a project or task. Company can use the work experience and knowledge of management from baby boomers. Company can take technological advances and benefits from Millennials who are more educated in latest technologies.

Company can gather all people from three or four generation then assign work according to their capabilities like Baby boomers are more senior so that they experience of managing a team and time management. They can help in communication of activities. Millennials are young so they are energetic so they can do physical as well as mental work in a team.

2-The challenges that a multigenerational team pose for management is that having a Multi generational team can lead to communication differences because many young generation employees tend to use more informal communication, remain frank while old team members are more formal and professional so it can create difference among them.

Second, the gap of generation can create conflict of interest and power in which if young employee think that he should be in charge instead of old employee then it can create problem in a multigenerational team .

3-The company and management team should consider by conducting an environment of inclusive and cultural diversity. Company and management should have ethical values like respect, honesty, fairness etc because when a team member get unfair treatment by management then new employees will not get in this company. These ethical values and diversity promotion helps to attract new employees from all generations.




Discussion 2:

Regarding the challenges that a multigenerational team pose for management, it is true that creating teams of multigenerational employees can boost performance, but the company needs to be aware of each generation´s expectations and needs to know what motivates each employee (Robinson-Celeste, 2015). Also, managers need to install in all team members a sense of valuing and respecting the unique skills of the other.

Managers need to be aware that Baby Boomers, for example, value individual recognition, while Generation Y´s (millenials) do not like corporate rigidity and value an atmosphere where they can talk freely. Also, Gen X´s are looking for work-life balance, over salary. All these are the expectations that managers need to be aware to be able to retains these employees.


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