Week 2 discussion

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Equality, equity and Publix Supermarkets

The hard part for organizations (and employees) is that most support equity until it impacts equality, which it has too if the policy is to be effective. Americans believe (and some would say, sold) that equality is the “begin and end all” of hiring practices. This leads into the more advanced belief in meritocracy, yet as equity analysis shows us, neither term address the disadvantages some candidates face in the workplace. In this regard, I reference Publix supermarkets, which after settling with the EEOC over sexual discrimination claims (they hired women primarily for bakery, deli and cashier and men for managerial positions), Publix became an employee owned business. After this transition, Publix instituted an equity policy to hire workers with special needs. Being a worker owned company meant that Publix could take decisions that benefited all members of its community according to their needs and not just those who scored the highest on tests or looked the best via genes.

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