Week 11 Project

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Please Read this. You will need to login and use whatever information you submitted in the earlier weeks as it relates to this project

Week 11 Project

Final Evaluation Research Design

Note: Your Final Project is due to the Instructor by Day 1 of this week.

So far in this course, you have developed all of the parts of your Final Project and have analyzed the key points for each element for your Executive Summary.

Submit by Day 1 your completed Final Project by reviewing and editing your Assignments to create a cohesive paper. Add an Introduction and Rationale for the study. Your Final Project should be 4–6 pages in length.

Note: This is not a “cut and paste exercise.” During the term, you have developed all of the groundwork for your Final Project, but now you must create a cohesive document. For example, although stakeholders may be mentioned, it would not be necessary—and could be unwise—to include all of the detail that may have been considered in the design phase. As another example, simply pasting in the logic model with no explanation would not prove enlightening for any reader who is unfamiliar with the logic model process.

Below, you will find an outline of topics that should be addressed in your Final Project. You are not required to exactly follow this outline; however, you must be certain that each component is clearly addressed in your final design.

Although your project for this course is only a design document and not a full report, you will find it useful to review your Learning Resources. Many of the same points and principles apply equally well at the research design stage.

Your Final Project will include the following elements:

  • Problem definition and intervention description
  • Logic model or logframe
  • Development of indicators
  • Data collection strategy
  • Evaluation design, needs assessment, or formative or summative impact evaluation
  • Data analysis strategy
  • Stakeholder requirements

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