Week 10 Discussion – James Plank

Can you help me understand this Writing question?

Respond by Day 5 to two colleagues and explain whether you agree or disagree with the recommended course of action and explain why. Explain one other option that might be consistent with ethical conduct.$5 Post

The values and principles that would be important to the main stakeholders in Fiona’s Choice are integrity, respect for people, and common good and equity. The principle of integrity requires evaluators to engage in truthful communication and remaining transparent towards relevant stakeholders. This situation seems to ask Fiona to compromise this principle in favor of the governor’s re-election. Regarding the principle of respect for people, the outcomes of the evaluation were already predetermined. Basically, the evaluation was useless and was going to be used in such a way to end certain programs to help balance the budget. This means programs that the people rely on will be dismantled in favor of a campaign promise. Finally, common good and equity cannot be met by this scenario, as the evaluation is being used for a dishonest purpose. This does not contribute to the advancement of an equitable and just society. Unfortunately, Fiona has been placed in a terrible situation. I can think of no other resolution than becoming a whistleblower in this scenario.


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