Week 10 Discussion -Denny Flores

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Respond by Day 5 to two colleagues and explain whether you agree or disagree with the recommended course of action and explain why. Explain one other option that might be consistent with ethical conduct. $5 Post

Dr. Fleming and Classmates,

Politicians regularly make promises that they cannot keep and, once elected, will have to compromise and, make deals that will get the politician re-elected. The newly elected governor made the following political campaign promises during the election:

  1. Reduce Taxes
  2. Maintain Existing Health and Social Programs
  3. Balance the State Budget

The governor met with his new commissioner of Health and Human Services Fran Atkins and Elinor Ames, a holdover from the former governor’s administration, and recently promoted to deputy commissioner of health and human services. The values and principles that would be important to the main stakeholders, Fiona, and the state government is:

  1. Integrity
  2. Honesty
  3. Respect for People
  4. The Public Welfare of the Public

The governor has requested a predetermined evaluation so that a compassionate reduction in the Department of Health and Social Services will take place without dire consequences. The governor will present a predetermined assessment to voters and express to the voters that these cuts will occur because of their lack of success or that the price is too high for the state taxpayer. Over the past few presidential elections, we have seen presidential candidates win the presidency and develop predetermined evaluations to balance the budget as an example of how I would deal with this ethical dilemma. President Trump, as a candidate, promised that social programs would not be cut during his administration. Reality set in, when he proposed the most substantial tax cuts in decades and then was confronted with a deficit the size of the Grand Canyon. Items that were recommended to be cut:

  1. Social Security
  2. Medicaid/Medicare
  3. WIC Program
  4. Housing Subsidies

Fiona has to understand that she works for a political machine whose goal is to serve the state; however, it is also important to be re-elected to office. Thus compromises must be dealt with every day, and quid pro quo’s are a common denominator. You do it for me today, and I will do it for you tomorrow. Fiona, Fran and Elinor, whom all work for the new governor, must fall in line and do what is needed to make the governor look good after his election. The new governor promised a balanced state budget by reducing taxes and maintaining existing Health and Social Programs. How he accomplishes that will be determined by state agencies making tender cuts to their agencies and working within the framework of the governor’s priorities. These decisions are not easy ones, and sometimes Fiona and her superiors must put aside their personal beliefs of the programs that they built for the state. They must succumb to the governor’s wishes, whose goal is to report to the voters that he has accomplished what he promised.


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