Week 1 – Systems WHAT?

I need an explanation for this Management question to help me study.

This discussion board is to introduce you to some new concepts.Have you ever heard of the “butterfly effect”? Have you ever heard of chaos theory or systems theory?These all relate to quantum physics – and you are probably asking, what does quantum physics have to do with TQM (total quality management), CI (continuous improvement), and this class?

Systems theory (butterfly effect, chaos theory) relates to TQM/CI because there are many aspects of an organization that can impact outcomes.We do not act in isolation; instead, we are influenced by events, people, and information from many sources; all of these influence our opinions, our decision-making, and our behavior. Systems theory (including chaos theory and the butterfly effect) looks at how these separate events and items converge to influence what we do and what we think. Read two articles listed below for this discussion board: One MUST be Thriving on Chaos, but the other is your choice of the other three available. Demonstrate your understanding of the information (in the articles) in your posting. Discuss your interpretation of the information as well as your insights, and explain how systems theory, the butterfly effect, and chaos theory might apply in your organization. How can systems theory impact effectiveness? Again, remember your citations and references, APA style, and answer the questions listed here.

Thriving on chaos.pdf (required)

One is your choice:

sys thinking and chaos.pdf

managing complexity – sys thinking.pdf

non linear change.pdf

Please let me know which one of the 3 you chose and when typing this please type fluently because this is for my masters.

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