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Discussion 1

Culture is complex and several dimensions like Language, Customs and Taboos, Values, Time and Punctuality, Business Norms, Religious Beliefs and Celebrations, aspects of culture all determine and shape the companies and their corporate cultural standards.


Today’s culture has resulted in public and private pits and fraud investigations of colleagues, managers and CEOs, as well as long-awaited publicity and encouragement as men and women have shown fraud in the past. Netflix culture cannot continue as an employee, but Netflix culture contributes to the success of the organization. Netflix maintains very high standards for its employees, ensuring that everything is done efficiently and correctly. In addition, all employees are very clear about their responsibilities and continue to work hard to maintain their position on Netflix. Guaranteeing employee loyalty is also a great benefit, as long as you meet the requirements to continue working at Netflix.


The potential disadvantage and positive effect of the “Netflix route” is that Netflix users gain a higher level of freedom and responsibility in their “Netflix route”. Direct feedback is encouraging, and trust and discretion are key gatekeepers, as employees gain access to confidential information and are ultimately given an idea of how they spend things and how they spend their vacation time. Companies do have written value statements which are vague and mostly ignored.


Netflix culture is unique to Netflix, with different sounds. It not only encourages employees to make independent decisions, shares information openly, widely and carefully, is very honest with each other, and keeps people very efficient. Avoid the rules. Netflix is creating “lower cost, greater scale, and better entertainment than the world has ever seen.” There are many companies that do not have a clear culture and are growing slowly and steadily, but that is okay. If everyone is working on building an innovative, disruptive, successful and fast-paced business that attracts and retains the best talent, Netflix is a role model.


Putter, B. (2018, December 4). Netflix’s Company Culture Is Not For Everybody And That’s Exactly How It Should Be. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brettonputter/2018/12/04/netflixs-company-culture-is-not-for-everybody-and-thats-exactly-how-it-should-be/?sh=eb842c71880e.

Discussion 2

:How have the current cultural environment of our country shaped the way that companies are looking at their own corporate cultural standards?

Corporate Culture is derived from people’s behaviors, innovation, and customer service. Although the origin is unknown and its originality is questioned, the cultural environment is considered a company’s top priority as it can either haunt them or guide them to success as it’s been doing for top tech giants. The current cultural environment is leaned toward sexual harassment prevention, social advocating, fostering creativity, employee freedom, and other perks such as working from home, flexible timing, and free lunches.

2. What are the potential downfalls and positive influences of the “Netflix way”?

The “Netflix way” is considered as a system, used by the tech giant, that manifest the culture where corporate utilizes complete transparency, individual responsibility, and where no rule codes are applied; where the potential downfalls may include, workers attitude may create a pretentious and/or narcissistic environment, and create a fear in the employees of being fired, even if their development and/or performance is excellent, over social matters. However, the positive influence which this culture creates can also include becoming a high-performance culture where everyone wants to be their best-self, socially and working wise, in order to maintain their job and lifestyle.

How does Netflix’s internal culture negatively or positively affect their ability to stay competitive and deliver cutting-edge content?

Netflix’s internal culture affect them in a really positive way, at least on my opinion. Their sharp employees are always walking on eggshells, but also, because of this, it makes employees maintain their high-performances and their attitudes on their best. That’s what maintains the tech giant on the top of, not only streaming services, but companies in the world, always innovating and delivering cutting-edge content.


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