Web development


You are the project lead hired to develop the IT systems aspects of a Online based multinational sales corporation. Discuss some environmental issues that are specific to the Web-design of your system that you must consider if your system is to be successful at expanding by attracting and increasing the number of purchasing customers. (Hint: look at SaaS, IaaS vs. proprietary systems).


Please provide 2 – 4 paragraphs bullets on how COST and EFFECFIENCY could impact a web design in a Cloud evironment. 


Cost solutions: 



Effeciency concerns:


Notes from class: 
It’s a cloud environment

So you could say… it’s saves money due to no hvac


U can scale down systems during off hours


U scan scale up systems when needed


You don’t need to pay for a coop site. And yet you can have one up quicker then if you had a warm or cold coop site


Horizontal scaling means you add servers. Vertical scaling means you up the resources on a server


Horizontal tends to be the better option


You can use software as a service.


So rather than having a sql server. You can just be provided the service and amazon handles the servery things


That saves cost


It basically allows you to cut costs while increasing efficiencies in a flexible manner


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