We often think that occupation

We often think that occupational hazards are primarily experienced by those who work under dangerous conditions (e.g., construction workers, law enforcement officers, dockworkers). Clearly, a dangerous job can lead to illness or death. But can the psychological stress of a work environment affect employees’ overall health? This issue was investigated in the article “Are There Health Effects of Harassment in the Workplace? A Gender-Sensitive Study of the Relationships Between Work and Neck Pain” (Ergonomics, 2012: 147–159). The researchers wanted to identify workplace physical and psychosocial risk factors for neck pain among male and female workers. They also wanted to study the relationship between neck pain and intimidation or sexual harassment in the workplace. (Advanced statistical techniques were used to show that neck pain was significantly associated with intimidation at work among both male and female workers.)
This study was based on a representative sample (5405 men, 3987 women) of the Quebec working population. The following cross-classification table for this sample on gender versus level of neck pain is consistent with data reported in the article:

Does it appear that there might be an association between gender and neck pain? Carry out a test of hypotheses using the .01 significance level.

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