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Palliative care is an interdisciplinary approach that aimed at providing relief from the symptoms and pain at any stage of illness. Hospice care is a philosophy of treatment that concentrates on the palliation of the chronically and terminally ill patient’s pain and symptoms in addition it attends to the emotional and spiritual demands of the patients. Hospice is not just a location; it is geared more towards about the care as one reaches the end of life. Palliative care can start at diagnosis and continue into treatment and hospice care begins when treatment has stopped. Hospice and palliative care equally agrees that each of us has the right to die free of pain and with dignity, and our families should receive the needed support to permit us to do so.

Early integration of palliative care into the management of patients with serious illness has the potential to improve both quality outcomes for patients and families and reduce healthcare costs (World Health Organization, Palliative Care 2021). Palliative care is a fast growing in the United States within the last decade. Although the growth has been rapid, the number of qualified professionals is going at a slower rate and the volume of palliative trained workforce is not enough to meet the challenges. Furthermore, it is extremely controversial the consideration of the benefit that complementary and alternative therapies in palliative medicine can provide. The article by Edzard Ernst, titled ‘The Use of CAM in Palliative Care is Highly Problematic’, studies the trails of CAM and its outcome between the experimental and controlled group. Claims to this idea believe that short-term benefit in symptom relief is ample evidence that shows that CAM therapy is of significance value in the palliative care. A patient for example gets a massage which helps them feels stress free and can eases their pain.

There is a holistic approach to how nurse treat patients, which considers the physical and psychological attributes. bettering a patient well-being mentally can consequently enhance the physical aspects as well. This is generally seen through the effects of antidepressants and physical exercise which influences the serotonin levels and pain. CAM therapies can help with psychological and physical symptoms, even if it is momentarily, it in turns relieve the psychological weight of the critical illness. The main element I would include in my teaching plan for nurses on the use of CAM, that patients understand that this is a form of temporary relief verses a cure or solution to eliminating their illness.

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