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To promote health within Hernando County, nutritional consideration needs to be considered. Shlisky et al. 2017, states that as adults continue to age, they are more susceptible to “”nutritional frailty.”” Nutritional frailty is defined as sudden or significant weight loss, including muscle mass and strength, which puts individuals at great risk for disability (Shlisky et al., 2020). Therefore, it is vital to routinely incorporate nutritional care in those sixty years and older and or those with deliberating disease processes. In an effort to motivate the elderly, Evergreen Action Nutrition offered community-based nutrition programs to boost diet resilience. These programs entailed offering cooking groups, food workshops and demonstrations, fact sheets, recipes, and public health resources. Inevitably, the program’s strides impacted the lives of many seniors in their nutritional perception and behaviors. In terms of measuring the outcomes, individuals included in this cohort group could be tested by examining their knowledge and skill before getting involved in the community-based program and then again quarterly and or biannually. The results would determine the community’s awareness of the education provided.

In a recent study, congestive heart failure was examined among participants of different ages and cultural backgrounds. The study aimed to identify and compare and contrast how cultural influence affects the quality of life of those living with CHF. The constant variable among all participants was the classification of those with mild heart failure, class I-III. Interviews were set to sixty minutes for each individual, and the interviewers were all proficient in the patient’s native tongue. Measurable questions were asked with six life themes in common. The study showed the differences and similarities of how cultural background influences the participants’ interpretation of their CHF symptoms on their quality of life. The collection of this data can then be further analyzed to determine what culturally specific interventions would be effective among various people (Surikova et al., 2020).

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