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An outbreak of the flu can cause great concern especially for those with comorbidities. If some people are sick and others are staying isolated at home due to fear of spread of the virus, it is completely understandable behavior. This behavior is like the fear that people of had over the spread of COVID-19. If local business owners are feeling the reduction in revenue due to patrons not visiting their establishments, there are some practices that can be put into place to help ease concern and keep the public safe. One behavior to establish is to clean and disinfect surfaces. This has been one way the public and businesses have had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with toilet paper, Clorox Wipes were scarce during the initial stages of the pandemic in early 2020. Also, the store owners may put signs out to remind people to have good hygiene and to wash their hands frequently. The business owners may wish to pump up their online storefronts put money and effort into that form of advertising so that people can safely shop from their residence. If the business owners had large events scheduled, again, like what we have all experienced with the pandemic, it may be smart to limit capacity, wear masks, or cancel the events altogether. I feel there is responsibility on the part of business to keep the public safe, and I also believe in the public making responsible decisions for their own safety. I also understand that the revenue from big events may help to keep the doors open for some businesses. It is a balance like with anything else. If they spread the flu, then they limit the availability of customers to shop. They may also gain a reputation for not providing public safety. This can cause customers to avoid the store entirely. I feel that if the flu is in an outbreak status, the stores should cancel spreader events like large gatherings. In addition, if they choose to have a large gathering, masks should be worn, and perhaps temperature checks that we are now all familiar with. Other ways to avoid the spread of the flu, like COVID-19 is to get vaccinated, use good hygiene, avoid close contact with the sick, stay home when sick, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze, wash hands often, do not touch eyes, nose, or mouth. Clean and disinfect surfaces, get sleep and hydrate (Srivastav et al., 2018). If businesses are closed and services suspended, the police will battle robbery and theft issues. They may need to increase patrol in various areas and monitor crime rise percentages in locations and fortify their police availability in those specific regions. In addition, isolation at home causes additional problems and escalation in situations such as domestic violence. We have seen, first-hand, the response to these issues with the current pandemic situation. For law enforcement to stay on the job to protect the public they must get flu vaccinations, wash hands, etc., and utilize all of the precautions outlined above.

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