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Organizations are always looking for ways to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors. One way to do this is to analyze the data they have available in their database. Most of the data of interest is internal customer data, but there may be benefits to analyzing external or competitor data as well. Business intelligence is a set of tools designed to support business decision making with a focus on gaining a strategic advantage in highly competitive markets. In order to most effectively use this business intelligence tool set, organizations reorganize or transform the data collected in their transactional, relational databases and place it into a data warehouse. Data warehouse is simply a term to describe a particular method of data storage that can be easily perused by business intelligence tools. This type of data access is referred to as online analytical processing (OLAP). Big data requires a new approach to storing information. This type of data does not fit into the structured environment required of relational databases. NoSQL databases were developed to store and access big data. NoSQL was originally coined as an acronym for Not only SQL. NoSQL databases are not a single database type like relational databases. There are four different types of database structures that are characterized as NoSQL. These include key-value, document, column-oriented, and graph databases. Each NoSQL database type is designed to efficiently store specific types of data to meet the growing data storage needs of organizations.

  • Select one of the two database topics listed below:
    • Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses
    • Big Data and NoSQL

Submit a 2–4 page paper that includes the following:

  • Describe the primary features and benefits of the technology.
  • Evaluate the importance of the topic as it relates to current and future organizational needs for data and information.
  • Describe how the design and structure of a database using the technology can meet the organizational needs you described.

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