Virginia International University IT Security Policy Framework Case Analysis

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Your policies need high visibility to be effective. When implementing policies, you can use various methods to spread the word throughout your organization. Use management presentations, videos, panel discussions, guest speakers, and road shows, in a manner that ensures that management’s support is clear, especially where employees feel overwhelmed with policies, directives, guidelines, and procedures

Week 14 SEcurity Policy Framework Case Study.pdf

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Based on the above case study or the Case Study on Page 168 of your text, write a 3 – 6 page paper to include the below information:

Assign roles and responsibilities for employees at varying levels in the corporate hierarchy that are responsible for security policies.
Analyze risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies and policy needs based on best practices
Summarize your findings
Include proper APA citations for any references you use in your research. Ensure you have proper spelling, grammar, and mechanics throughout your writing.

Please name your file Lastname_14_CaseStudy_Assignment.doc and submit it according to the directions below.

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Rees, J., BANDYOPADHYAY, S., & SPAFFORD, E. H. A Policy Framework for Information Security. Commuunication of the ACM, 46.

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