Venture capital Complete the p

Venture capital Complete the passage using the following terms: limited partners, venture capital, private, underwriters, general partners, private equity, corporate venturers, partnerships, private, angel investors. (Note: Not all terms will be used)

Equity capital in young businesses is known as ______(a)______ , and it is provided by specialist firms; wealthy individuals, known as ______(b)______ ; and large technology companies that act as ______(c)______ . Venture capital funds are organized as ______(d)______ . The management companies are the ______(e)______ , and pension funds and other investors are the ______(f)______ . Venture capital partnerships are often lumped together with similar partnerships that buy whole companies and take them ______(g)______ . The general term for these firms is ______(h)______ companies.

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