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Malawi and the United States are two very different countries with different incomes as well. Malawi is a low-income country as the United States is a high-income country. When it comes to health care and health insurance in these countries, both differ in various categories such as basic health coverage, effective coverage, and the cost for care. In Malawi, there is a fragmented health system of both public and private providers (UHC Coalition, 2019). However, in Malawi, there is no universal health coverage or government assistance in relation to health care. Instead, there are high fees and high prices for good healthcare in the area. Due to the fact that Malawi comprises more rural areas, there are not enough health personnel to attain or inhibit the area. Thus, there is a high price for quality healthcare. 

In comparison to the United States, the United States offers government assisted health insurance known as the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare (“About the ACA,” 2019). This insurance is offered to low-income individuals and families to assist them with being insured and having insurance. Unlike Canada, the United States does not have a Universal Healthcare Coverage. Instead, it is either the Affordable Care Act, private health insurance, and health insurance benefits from a company. 

Malawi and the United States share similar standpoints with Universal Healthcare Coverage, both countries simply do not have one (UHC Coalition, 2019). Instead, Malawi and the United States have to pay to be insured, it is simply not covered through the government. Although the United States offers affordable health insurance, it simply does not cover all individuals in the country. Another comparison that Malawi and the United States has is its high cost of health coverage and healthcare. Each country has high fees for different health practices and it is not mandated by the government. 


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