USF Vaginal Radium Implant an

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1.Hope Mary, 36, has had a vaginal radium implant placed as one of the treatments for her cervical cancer. She calls to tell you that during a coughing spell it has ‘been pushed out’. What should you do?

2 During a shower three days ago, Jeremy Robb, 19, discovered a firm lump in his left testis. He went to the student health centre at his university, was referred to a local physician and was admitted to the hospital for a left orchiectomy and lymph node resection. Risk factor for cancer of the testes include?

3. Ramona Gunther, 18, was diagnosed with Stage II Hodgkin disease and is preparing to receive external radiation therapy. She tells the nurse she is scared ‘about having to get radiation treatments all over my body.’ What will be the most appropriate response?

4. Stephen Douglas has been in an automobile accident. The most effective IV solution for a patient having hypovolemic shock would be:

5. A 64-year-old male client is admitted to the hospital with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). The client has a history of adult-onset diabetes mellitus and hypertension. He is scheduled to undergo a resection of the prostate. What is the most serious symptom that may accompany BPH?

6. A 72-year-old female client is lifted to the surgery table in preparation for a total knee replacement. The client is in stage III of inhalation anesthesia. What will be an appropriate nursing action for this client?

7. A 27-year-old male client develops malignant hyperthermia during a herniorrhaphy; his temperature is 105.4 degrees F. The client has had no previous health problems other than hypertension. A nurse orienting in the OR says, ‘I thought only people with brain tumour had this problem.’ Which answer will explain malignant hyperthermia?

8. A 35-year-old female client has returned to her room following surgery on her right femur. She has an IV of D5 1/2 NS infusing at 125 cc/hr, and is receiving morphine sulfate 10-15 mg IM q4h prn for pain. The client last voided 5 1/2 hours ago when she was given her preoperative medication. To monitor and promote the return of urinary function after surgery, the nurse should?

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