USF Ethics of Wildlife Management and Conservation Article Questions

Question Description

Use simple words

Avoid plagiarism

Read the article throughly and write a logical answers

Read the article “Ethics of Wildlife Management and Conservation: What Should We Try to Protect” provided and answer the multi-part question below:

Summarize the contractarian, utilitarian, animal rights, and contextual (relational) perspectives of conservation. State and evaluate which perspective you like best.


Here rewrite the multi-part question as five individual statements. Then underline the key word(s) of what you are supposed to do in the answer to the question (compare, describe, list, etc.). (10 points)

1) Summarize the contractarian,

2) Summarize utilitarian

3) Summarize animal rights

4) Summarize contextual (relational) perspectives of conservation.

5) State and evaluate which perspective you like best.


Here provide the answers to the questions/prompts above. Be sure you are answering in complete sentences, in your own words, your answers make sense, and that they actually answer the question/prompt (20 points).







Here combine your individual answers above into one cohesive essay answer (5 points).

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